Pop1280 / Comment(s) on Trapped Stickers
- Piotr from Poland / janvier 22, 2007
I like pictures like yours very much. I wanna take the same in future.

- Lori Witzel / avril 8, 2006
Hahaha! Break free, break free! Reminds me of something I shot: http://chatoyance.blogspot.com/2006/01/caged.html

- 3oh6 / janvier 14, 2005
you could sit there and make a story for each one of the trapped characters on how they are trying to get out...very cool photo

- Reza / novembre 18, 2004
Nice...the mesh makes the subject interesting... as a suggestion, focus on the bars, and let the stickers be out of focus to make it a little mysterious...

- daisies / novembre 17, 2004
I love the girl with the powersaw and the boxing dude ... all trying to escape, lol ... very cool!

- Andrew / novembre 17, 2004
I love this.

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